Fresh Flax Seeds’ Brown Whole Flax Seed Feed Ingredient 50lb. Bag grown USA



Brown Whole Flax Seed Feed provides 23% protein, 40-50% omega 3 & 6 oils, 30% Lignans Fiber, and considered an excellent Functional Feed Ingredient!

    • Western diets contain between 10 and 15 times more omega 6 fats than omega 3 fatty acids.* The “optimal” ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 is estimated to be 2:3(Benbrook et al, 2013).. Omega-6s can interfere with the way the body utilizes omega-3 fatty acids and thereby limit their numerous health benefits, such as reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity.
  • If you give a Cow some Flaxseed:
    • There is an additional benefit to increasing the omega 3s in milk. When the proportion of one fatty acid goes up another must go down.. A consistent finding is when Milk omega 3s go UP saturated fatty acids go Down!
    • Cows consume more omega 3s and less omega 6s, as a result of increased access to pasture (where they consume grasses and legumes,) and decrease consumption of grain, particularly corn.
  • A Heart Healthy Horse’s diet:
    • Flax Seed is a great source of many nutrients, including calcium and phosphorous. It makes hair and coat gloss. It boosts the immune system and can help regulate thyroid function, making it very effective for reducing insulin resistance in overweight horses.
    • Flax Seeds help balance omega 3 and omega 6s fatty acid content of the body and thus enhances the immune system and overall health. of the Horse.
  • Chickens fed Flax Seed Produce:
    • Enriched omega 3 eggs that supply approximately 40-50% of the daily requirement for omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids.
    • Flax seed fed to hens increased omega 3 fatty acids in the eggs, and brain tissue of embryos and chicks..***

For Best results ground Flax Seed enhances the absorption rate in animals.

*Neveu et al.,2013,2014
**A thesis on Flaxseed by Frank J. Schweighart
***(Cheronian and Sim(1991)

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