Berenson Consulting LLC is a family-owned business certified as Federal and State contractor with the federal System for Award Management (SAM), Small Business Association (SBA), and State of Wisconsin.

What We Do

We deliver fresh Flax seeds directly from the source, the family farms of the North American plains. When you purchase from Berenson Consulting LLC, you are supporting small enterprise and family farms.  We are pleased to be part of family farm operations whose roots date back to the early 1900’s. The family values of stability, integrity, and quality are trademarks of our company.

Berenson Consulting LLC Flax Seed

Our Flax Seed is triple cleaned and cold milled in a state of the art stainless steel FDA Inspected, MCIA Organic Fresh Flax Seed processing Facility in North Dakota, USA. Both management and handlers have extensive expertise in producing and processing flax seed, ensuring the highest quality flax seed cleaning, cold milling, packaging and shipping.

Berenson Consulting LLC has been a wholesaler/merchandiser of certified Organic and Conventional Fresh Flax Seeds in all its forms, and Certified USA Federal and State Contractor, SAM, SBA, WI-WBE since 2003. DUN: 140063285, EIN: 82-0581146, Cage: 43Y92.

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