Brown and Golden Flax Seed Producers

Berenson Consulting LLC is a wholesaler/merchandiser of certified Organic and Conventional Fresh Flax Seeds in all its forms, and Certified USA Federal and State of Wisconsin Contractor, SAM, SBA, WI-WBE since 2003. DUN: 140063285, EIN: 82-0581146, Cage: 43Y92.

Our Flax Seed is triple cleaned in health-inspected facilities, and our Certified Organic Flax Seed Mill ensures the highest quality flax seed cleaning and milling process. We support family farmers and endeavor to provide the most cost efficient operations.

Berenson Consulting LLC distributes Whole Flax Seeds and stable Cold Milled Whole Flax Seed Flour/Meal that retains the rich omega 3 oil, and nutrient value of Whole Flax Seed with a 2 year shelf life. This has been a commercialized product for over a decade with trace ability from field to consumer. It is market tested and proven in the retail, wholesale food and bulk feed marketplace. Please contact us for all direct flax seed purchasing.

Please contact Berenson Consulting LLC for purchasing Inquiries at 1.877.326.2226